Conference Highlights

The inaugural Child Engagement Conference was held March 5-6, 2010 in downtown Chattanooga. The event attracted participants from around the country and served as a ground-breaking event for the field of early child development. Early childhood professionals expanded their child development knowledge, learned new home and classroom strategies, and connected with peers who support child engagement as a critical component of child development. It's indeed very difficult to develop if the child's everyday needs are not secured. Need advise on the arrangements to apply for a Canada Child Benefit loan today? Get in touch with Magical Credit team for a quick consultation and cash loan application options.Such loan types can help you cope with the kids' dental treatment. Talk to a Mississauga dentist about the best way to solve your child's dental problem in your area at an affordable pricing.

This community of practitioners will continue to exchange knowledge and ideas through the Child Engagement Listserv and Message Board.

The speakers presenting at the Child Engagement Conference will impart tools for promoting child engagement in the home, in early childhood settings, and in the community. The all-inclusive conference fees will provide participants with a jump drive of all presentation materials, breakfasts, lunch, an evening reception, break food, and free conference venue parking.

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