Creating Universally Designed Outdoor Play Environments for All Children

Creating Universally Designed Outdoor Play Environments for All Children presented byJennie Sumrell, M.S.

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Session Description

Explore how to create universally designed play environments that encourage physical and social inclusion of all children. Gain a renewed passion for going beyond the minimum accessibility requirements, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the importance and value of allowing children of all abilities to experience play together!

Presenter Biographical Information

Jennie is the Program and Partnership Coordinator at PlayCore. She has worked in the field of special education, childhood development, and inclusion for nearly ten years. Prior to joining the PlayCore team, she was the Program Technology Coordinator at Siskin Children's Institute, a non-profit organization that provides model educational programs and services to children with disabilities and their families through a school program and a Training and Resource Center. She received her Bachelor's degree in Exceptional Learning from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, a master's certificate in Adaptive & Assistive Technology from the University of Miami, and is in the final stages of finishing her research action project to obtain her M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education. Jennie has served as a guest lecturer at local universities and presented at numerous regional, national, and international conferences on topics such as universal design, inclusion, bringing curriculum outdoors, the developmental benefits of play, naturalized playgrounds, and disability awareness.

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