Pets need attention

A lot of people blame us for not paying attention to the needs of animals. There are a lot of puppies, kittens and other animals who deserve our attention, they say. And we completely agree with them. The only thing that should be cleared is that we quite often discuss various pets problems.

In order not to look like idle talkers, we would like to give a couple of examples of our recent discussions. We beleive that each pet deserves comfortable conditions. They should have enough room and a lot of attention. If you want to have a pet but have no idea where to live with it, you should give up the idea of buying it.

We also beleive that people should have toilets for dogs if they have no opportunity to walk their dogs more than 2 times a day. It will improve your pet's mood greately. Please, use dog potty, make your pet happy!

Finally, we created a number of posters on different pet-topics. As you can see, we are not indifferent. And we will always pay attention to the existing problems.

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